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Advanced Season-Long Fertilization

With the newest advanced fertilizer nitrogen technology, all the essential nutrients needed for a healthy green lawn are metered throughout the growing season in one application. This single application uses innovative polymer resin to provide a temperature-dependent nutrient release to give your lawn all the same nutrients as three applications, but perfectly timed and delivered when your lawn needs it most.The results of our fertilizer application can be seen in a deep green colour of grass, increased recovery from drought and wear, and stimulated growth of not only the grass shoots, but of the roots as well. By using our exclusive organically based fertilizer you will be providing your lawn with what it needs to better fight off weeds, chinch bug, and environmental stresses.

Proper fertilization is one of the most fundamental aspects to any lawn care program. If your lawn's issue is a lack-luster colour, drought damage, slow or sparse growth - or if you would simply like to keep your lawn looking great, our fertilization should be top on your list. This application is included in any of our 5 programs.

Weed Control

It is essential to have a continuous weed management program in effect on your lawn to combat weed growth. Turf King uses a mixture which includes Fiesta, an iron based weed control, and an added surfactant that helps the product stick to the plant. This makes our weed control more effective than using Fiesta alone. While these products work best on broad leaf weeds such as dandelions, they are also fairly effective on more resistant weeds such as thistle and clover. If after five days you do not notice your weeds dying we ask you to give us a call and request a complimentary re-do. This may occur if it rains before the product has time to absorb into the weed, or if you have highly resistant weeds on your lawn. Either way, we will re-do the service at no charge to you if needed.

* Weed Control Tips:

- Do not dig or pull out weeds on your lawn. No matter what device you use, there is always a chance you will leave a portion of the root in the soil, ready for regrowth. Additionally, our product can only kill the weeds it touches, so when roots and seeds are underneath the turf we have no way of killing them

- Bag your grass clippings. While mulching is an effective way of thickening your lawn when you have absolutely no weeds, when weeds are present on your lawn it simply reseeds and increases the amount of weeds

- Aerate and overseed! Thicken your lawn the right way so there is less room for weed seeds to germinate


Book our Weed Management application individually, or in any of our 5 programs. We complete this service in the Spring , Summer and Fall,

Chinch Bug Control

Chinch bugs are small insects that feed on the sap of grass plants. Chinch bug nymphs start out as red with white bands across their backs and then mature into 4mm black bugs with a white spot on their backs and white wings. Nymphs typically hatch in late June to early July and cause the most damage to your lawn as they are doing the most eating as opposed to adult chinch. The damage they do is often mistaken for drought, as damaged areas turn a brownish-yellow in colour. 

* Chinch Bug Control Tips:

-Chinch bugs do not like damp areas, so keep your lawn well watered during the peak summer months to make your lawn less appealing to these damaging insects

-If you have booked a program without chinch bug control keep a close eye on your lawn between our visits and give us a call if you notice any thinning, sunken, or damaged areas


Our application coincides with the hatching and is completed in mid-summer. Turf King recommends this application for all our customers, even if chinch are not evident on lawn, as a preventative measure. This is because they can quickly spread from neighboring lawns and ruin a perfect lawn. Book as an individual application or in our Premium, TLC or Ultra package.

Core Aeration

Easily one of the most beneficial things you can do for you lawn. Aeration stimulates root growth, which directly increases lawn density. Dense turf not only makes a beautiful lush lawn, it also provides weed resistance by crowding out weeds and minimizing space where weed seeds can find soil sufficient for germination. Thick, dense turf keeps soil cool, providing a damp environment for roots where there is protection from heat and drought.

If your lawn is full of weeds, sparse, patchy, or a combination of the three an aeration is your secret weapon. Book it as an individual service or in either our Budget+, TLC or Ultra programs.

Super Grow

This application deals with the pH of your soil. It is four times more efficient than lime, and works to alter your acidic/alkaline soil to a neutral pH. Soil with a neutral pH level is essential for a healthy lawn and is a major factor in nutrient availability, microbial activity, soil structure and overall turf vigor. Maintaining the correct soil pH allows for the most efficient use of applied and soil stored nutrients and can make a huge difference in problematic lawns. This is a true miracle product!

This application can be done once or twice per year in either the Spring or Fall and can be booked as an individual service, in our Spring Kick-Starter Package (grouped with Micro-Nutrient and Overseeding applications) or in the Ultra program.


Much like we need multi-vitamins to improve our overall health, our lawns need an application of Micro-nutrients to boost their overall health. The Micro-nutrients added are potassium, calcium and magnesium. Potassium improves the plant’s ability to withstand drought stress and increases its resistance to disease and wear and tear. Calcium promotes cell growth, strengthens cell walls, and allows the plant to be more tolerant of environmental stresses. Magnesium is an essential nutrient for healthy plant growth and is required in the formation of chlorophyll and the storage of carbohydrates in the root system, which leads to the rich, dark green colour all lawn lovers want to achieve.

*This application is not to be used instead of a fertilization, which applies much needed nitrogen and organic kelp supplements.


If your lawn is lacking deep colour, suffers from heat stress or just needs a general pick-me-up a Micro-Nutrient application will do the trick. For best results book our Ultra package, or book this in tandem with our Super Grow application to ensure soil is at the proper pH for nutrient absorption.


Overseeding your lawn fills the bare areas to prevent weeds from germinating. For best results pair your overseeding with aeration, as the holes left from the Aerator provide an ideal environment for seed germination and deep root development. Water is also an essential component to getting the best results from this application. You should be watering your lawn so your soil is wet approximately 4'' deep. 

If your lawn has previous chinch bug damage, is patchy or thin than this application is for you. Book as an individual application to compliment any package. 

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