Chinch Bug Management

Customer Instructions

✓ Please lightly water the day following this application

✓ Please monitor your lawn and notify Turf King if you notice any bare or thinning areas develop following your application, as chinch bug can re-infest from neighbouring lawns



Chinch bug feed by piercing the grass and ingesting the sap, depleting moisture and killing the grass in localized areas. The result is dead, browning patches and/or overall thinning, which can appear similar to drought stress. It is possible for chinch bug to re-infest your lawn from other lawns later in the season. If you notice any damage to your lawn between our visits, please notify our office and we will be happy to provide a complimentary inspection by a qualified lawn care technician.


Summer is here and with that comes hot, dry weather. Follow our turf tips about watering to keep your lawn healthy during the heat!

  • Water your lawn early in the day to reduce evaporation and prevent turf disease

  • Spread water evenly throughout the lawn

  • Water deeply to encourage strong, healthy roots

  • Hand water any problem areas

  • Water according to your soil type; sandy soil will require more water than clay-based soils

  • Observe water distribution to ensure you’re not causing runoff or creating puddles on the lawn by applying too much water too quickly


Should you have any questions about your application or services, please feel free to contact our office.


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