Weed Maintenance

Customer Instructions

✓ Please stay off your lawn until the product is dry.

✓ Please do not water or cut your lawn for 24 hours.

✓  Please do not pull weeds between visits.  Our product needs to be applied directly to the weed.  If the weed has been pulled, the remaining roots will regrow.



  • Please do not cut your lawn when it's hot.  When the grass blade is cut, the heat travels through the plant and sends it into dormancy. 

  • Raise your lawn mower to it's maximum (4"+) cutting height.  Longer grass will keep the roots cool and maintain moisture in the soil longer.

  • Please bag grass clippings unless the lawn is weed free.  Weeds can still go to seed after they are mulched, essentially spreading weeds everytime you mow.

  • Don't trim edges shorter than mowing height.  The grass will not recover after scalping until temperatures cool.

  • Overseed thin or bare areas.


Should you have any questions about your application or services, please feel free to contact our office.


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