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Our snow services are designed to give you complete peace of mind.

Residential Season Packages Starting at $599

Commercial/Industrial Flat Rate Season/Mthly or Per Plow

Walkway Shoveling Available

Your Professional, Efficient, and Reliable Snow Removal Service

Homeowners and businesses all over Sudbury trust Turf King ~ Turf Scapes to maintain their property year round including to keep their driveways, stairs, and parking lots free of snow all winter long. Our experienced team will leave your property snow-free and looking great; we even provide shoveling of your walkway.


Snow Blowing

At Turf King, we have equipped our mid-sized tractors with rear-mounted blowers. Snow blowing offers many benefits over traditional snow plowing with a truck. The main benefit is the lower risk of property damage. With snow blowing, not only is there no damage to your grass from scraping of the plow, but you have better visibility while leaving your driveway. Blowing the snow allows the snow to be evenly distributed among your lawn keeping large piles away from the road.

Teflon Cutting Edge

The best part of our snow blowers is that they’re equipped with two inches of Teflon. This thick plastic creates a barrier between the blower and your asphalt or interlock. Having our machinery equipped correctly reduces the chance of surface scratching or damage.

Walkway Shoveling

For an additional cost, we will service walkways as well. To prevent any damage from occurring to interlock, we only service walkways with plastic shovels. Our snow shoveling starts at $299.00 plus HST.

Email Notifications

When signing up with Turf King, we supply you with email notifications about our service. Due to the fact that each storm is significantly different through timing or quantity, we always like to keep you updated. You’ll be notified of our plan before the storm occurs as well as be provided with updates periodically!


Residential Services:


  • Mid Sized Kubota Tractor Snow-Blowing and Truck Plowing (your choice)

  • Helpful Staff and Courteous dispatch

  • Professionally Trained Operators

  • Repeat cleanings during and after heavy snowfall events

  • Walkway Shoveling

  • Multiple Payment Options

  • Yearly Maintenance Packages

  • Email or Text Message dispatch and completion notifications

Frequently asked questions

What areas do you service?

We service most of the Sudbury area for plowing, and the South End, New Sudbury, West End, and Lively with our tractor service. We unfortunetly do not service Val Caron, Azilda, Coniston, or futher, but please continue to check back. As we grow so will our service areas. Please feel free to contact us and we can confirm our availabilty for your area.

Do you use plows or snowblowers?

We offer both! Depending on your location, driveway type and size, and any property restrictions we can recommend the best option for you. Our mid-size tractors are equipped with wide rear-mounted blowers, and are big enough to handle our heavy northern snowfalls, but not so large and cumbersome to navigate residential driveways. Our plow service entends to areas not yet covered with tractor snowblowing, and for conditions or restrictions that inhibit tractor use. We also have (limited) walk behind snow blower service for walkways, car ports, etc.,

What is the minimum snowfall amount before you provide service?

Our operators are dispatched for residential service at snowfalls in excess of 5cm. In normal circumstances, we dispatch at the end of the storm to ensure you're fully cleaned. In heavier or longer snowfalls, we will begin during the storm with a first pass and continue after city plows and/or the end of the storm for cleanup.

When does your seasonal service start and end?

Our snow removal season starts on November 1st and ends April 15th.

Are you insured?

Sure are! We carry $10-million-dollar general liability insurance.

What if my car is parked in my driveway when your operator arrives?

Our operators are trained to clear within 15” of parked vehicles. If you expect to have a car in the driveway when we arrive we recommend that you make sure to place it as close to the top of the driveway as possible to give the driver maximum accessibility, or to move it onto the street if possible. If not, the driver clear away behind where the car is parked including any snow banks left by the city plow. *Please note, for the sake of efficiency, we do not ask our drivers to get out of their tractors and knock on your door to get you to move your vehicle(s). It is the customer’s responsibility to move vehicles from the driveway in order to assure proper snow removal.

Do you offer residential walkway shovelling services?

We do! You can add shovelling services onto your seasonal package for as little as $299 for the season. Our operators will shovel to your entrance and away from the garage. Our mid-size tractors are equipped with shovels so our operators can do your shovelling at the same time leaving a cleaner job all around.

I have a gravel driveway. Can you still service it?

Yes, we can. The first few snowfalls we will pack down the snow rather than blowing it to create a base. Once the ground freezes and a base has been established we'll be able to blow your snow as normal. Please be aware that although our operators do thier very best to be careful sometimes gravel from your driveway still may get blown onto your lawn.

Will your equipment damage my property?

No. Both the blower on our tractors and plow on our trucks are equipped with two inches of a hard plastic called teflon. This will eliminate any surface scratching or damage to interlock. In regards to your grass, we install markers to eliminate our equipment going on the grass and to make sure you have the full potential of your driveway cleared each time it snows! It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that items (eg extension cords, flower pots, etc.) are removed from the driveway.

Do you spread salt or sand on the driveway if it is icy?

We do not offer sanding or salting on residential home driveways. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to apply any necessary abrasives especially on a driveway with a slope. We are not responsible for any slip and fall incidents on a customer’s property.

Do you offer one-time snow removal services or only for the whole seasonal?

We do not regularly offer one-time snow removal. Our routes are prepared well in advance and are generally full. That said, if you have an emergency, please call and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Will my driveway be cleared before 7:00 a.m.?

We would love to be able to tell you with confidence that we can have your driveway serviced before 7:00am, but due to the nature of the service we cannot guarantee that. How much snow has fallen, when it starts and ends, whether we launch our fleet at night or during the day, and the nature of the snow all effect how quickly our operators can get through thier routes. We will always keep you informed via email when we launch our fleet, and update you with any potential delays.

What if the city plow comes by after you’ve already cleared my driveway?

If city plows have not passed when we complete your driveway, we will return to cleanup the end once everyone has received a first pass. If you require immediate assistance, please call our office and we will do our very best to get back to you sooner.

If I have an issue or a question, is there someone available to answer my call?

Most definately! We’re dedicated to providing quality service, and that includes your confidence in knowing you can get hold of us when you need us. We're either in the office or have an after-hours number for emergencies. We're always happy to hear from you!

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